NHR Appeal for World Hunger Day


To mark World Hunger Day today, May 28th, NHR Compassion has launched an appeal for support from individuals or groups for people in our community facing difficult times due to COVID-19 and the economic problems created by this pandemic. NHR Compassion Portugal is a formal Portuguese Association and is truly international, representing some 16 nationalities. We have signed a Protocol with Banco Alimentar, which is working on the front line fighting the effects of COVID-19 and distributes food and provisions to those who are unable to feed themselves, a situation aggravated by this terrible economic and humanitarian crisis. Further details of the Association and of Banco Alimentar can be found at https://www.nhrcompassion.org, including the acknowledgement of our efforts by the Portuguese President during his visit to the Banco Alimentar facility on Saturday.

Today our efforts are receiving strong words of support and recognition from the South African, British, Australian and Irish Embassies, each acknowledging that Banco Alimentar is under increasing pressure to keep up with the demand for the food bank services as more people lose jobs or have work curtailed.

Portugal gives so much to the NHR community, and in this time of unprecedented crisis we wish our contribution to Portuguese society to evolve. It is only right we give back, and give generously

If you would like to make a donation please go to https://www.nhrcompassion.org/donations/